The armour of God

the thoughts of the Saints...

One of the favourite songs at All Saints is “God Suit On” Why one of the favourites? Probably because of all the actions, and the awesome tune. This helps us remember the Items of the armour of God. The song teaches about the armour of God which we’re taught about in the book of Ephesians and which we’re going to be looking at in more depth in the next few blogs. There’s going to be an introduction this month and a deeper look at the different items of the armour of God over the next few months.

What do you think of when you think of armour? I imagine most of us think of protection, possibly even war. Armour is something that is worn by soldiers to protect them from the opposition.

So why is it used by Paul in his letter to the Church in Ephesus? It doesn’t seem to be an idea that would encourage others.

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The armour reminds us that following Christ is not necessarily easy. There may be difficulties, and it can cause pain… therefore we need the armour to protect and support us with those difficulties.

So what is the armour that Paul mentions?

  • BELT of truth
  • BREASTPLATE of righteousness
  • SANDALS of peace
  • SHIELD of faith
  • HELMET of salvation
  • SWORD of the spirit

At this time when we are all experiencing the consequences of the pandemic we need to be aware of the armour of God. How we can protect ourselves, and seek God’s protection in our lives. As the song says “Every morning when we wake, we need to get ready for the day’

Let us pray: Father God, we thank you that you have provided armour to protect us. Help us to remember to use it for us and for others. Amen.