Love Lent?

Let's live it in 2018

This year at All Saints we will be doing a number of new things to help us on our journey through Lent. In 2018 Lent begins on Valentines Day and Easter Sunday is on April Fools day - I love this fact, and it will be the last time I use it - I promise. Some of the things we do will be new, but the aim is to help people wherever they are reflect on their lives with God during the 40 days (six weeks) of Lent.

Here are some of the highlights for Lent at All Saints this year:

Tuesday 13th February: Pancake Tea at 4pm for everyone!

Wednesday 14th: Ash Wednesday communion at 12.30pm

Lent Course:

Every Wednesday evening we will lead a Lent Course based on the critically acclaimed television series, Broken. We will watch the episode together, and follow it with discussion, and prayer. Simple. But hopefully effective. This will be held at the Vicarage and start at 7.30pm.

Lent Blog:

Throughout Lent we will invite some guest bloggers to write us some reflections to access through the church website, and through your devices, so you can take Lent wherever you go. Keep a look out here for those.

Holy Week:

And of course, during Holy Week we will have all of our events including Maundy Supper, reflections around the cross and Messy Easter...