• Welcome to All Saints

    Canterbury, Kent.

    Love God, love our community, make disciples

    (and hoping for snow)


    We're on a mission.


    We try to be the focus for a Christian intergenerational family that worships God joyfully each day of our lives, while serving God in our community. As a church we try very hard to remove any barriers that might stop people coming to church, we really do try and welcome everyone.


    As a community we love to pray together in faith and play together in fellowship. We care about family life and people in need. We share our resources of time, ability and wealth and share our hope in Jesus, growing in discipleship, responsibility and love of God who has been revealed to us by His Son, Jesus.


    On Sundays we meet at:


    9.30am for a quiet, traditional Holy Communion service

    11am: Our informal family worship service

    refreshments are served after each service and we have groups for children and young people twice a month,

    but where we can, we worship together as one intergenerational family!


    For enquiries about our services, including Baptisms, please contact Rev. Phil Greig

    (Baptisms are conducted during the 11am service once a month)




    The 'Senior' Staff Team

    Rev. Phil Greig

    Mission Priest

    Phil joined us in November 2014 with his family, Lucy his wife and their four year old daughter Iona. Phil is our Mission Priest which means he is here to help us become a church congregation whose purpose is to worship God, be out in the community on mission and be the best disciples of Jesus we can be.


    Follow @rev_philg

    Mim Oliver

    Children and Families Minister

    Mim arrived just after Easter 2017 and is settling into her new role and church family. We are enjoying having Mim with us and are looking forward to working with her as she comes to encourage ministry amongst children and families. You can contact her by email here.

    Bee Levins


    Bee is our second churchwarden. She joined the warden team in May 2015 and in that time has had many an adventure with the Cathedral archives, building contractors and architects. Lin and Bee make an excellent warden team together looking after the building but more importantly, the people within it. 

    Lin Linley


    Lin is one of our two churchwardens at All Saints. Lin mainly looks after the 9.30am service and is our safeguarding and DBS officer. 

    Gavin Netherton


    Gavin was licensed as Reader to All Saints in September 2015 at Canterbury Cathedral. He helps out with the ministry of preaching, leading, praying and sits on our PCC as our Health & Safety Officer. Gavin is passionate about welcome and hospitality, and as part of his Readership, reflecting on a new monastic expression called, 'The Urban Monastery'.

  • The PCC

    We've got a top notch team!

    Carole Jeff


    Holly Adams

    PCC Secretary

    Judith Thomson

    Louise Spratt

    Steven Dawes

    Deanery Synod

    Will James

    Chris Penfold

    Deanery Synod

    Andrew Pantling

    Katie Steel

    Helen Netherton

    Barbs Penfold


    It is very important for us to reach out to the local community with the message that Jesus brings, that he loves everyone, there is forgiveness and there is hope. We don't just reach out from a distance but live, work, socialise and be in the community around us. Our church isn't just on Military Road but wherever we are making a difference for God. Here are just a couple of the projects we are involved in at the moment: 

    Morning prayer

    Every Tuesday and Thursday

    Tuesday: 8.15am in The Vicarage

    Thursday: 9am at ASDA cafe


    if you can't make it at these times but would like to participate where you are, please email Phil G for a copy of the liturgy. We use a Celtic form of prayer for these services.

    Ale Saints

    Every month on Friday evenings

    From 7.30pm


    Join us for a drink at the Thomas Tallis on Northgate. It's an informal gathering for a drink and a chat. We will meet on the first Friday evening of each month:


    Friday 5th Janaury

    Friday 2nd February

    Friday 2nd March

    Friday 6th April

    Bible study and prayer

    Groups meet for Bible Study fortnightly

    Please contact the vicar for further details

    Monday evenings

    Andrew's Housegroup



    Tuesday mornings
    The Vicarage



    Tuesday evenings
    Carole's housegroup



    Wednesday evenings

    The Vicarage


    Street Klub

    Alternate Sundays - 2pm

    We call it 'pop-up Sunday School'


    Vauxhall Avenue


    Every other week on a Sunday we take our gazebo, lots of activities and meet children, young people and their families for an hour of fun every other Sunday afternoon. It really is great fun and something All Saints have been involved in for a number of years. We hope to expand this work in the coming year by having another team set up another Street Klub at a second point in the parish.



    Worship, Bible teaching and prayer

    January 7th: 6pm to 7pm Dan Walking in the Spirit

    February 4th: 6pm to 7pm Phil Hosea

    March 4th: 6pm to 7pm Helen Esther


    We have launched a brand new evening service. The evening will hold an opportunity to engage in worship, hear from God's word at a deeper level, and pray together. Having looked at an Old Testament together as a family in the morning we will then go deeper in the evening.


    It's new, and evolving, but do join us in our new adventure in worship, teaching and prayer.

    Connecting Canterbury

    Community Hub and Credit Union

    Across the city, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning there are volunteers waiting to help anyone who is in any kind of need, from financial difficulty, crisis, or if you just want a listening ear, we are sure we can help.


    We are also branches of Kent Savers where you can open a savings account, perhaps for Christmas, or a house deposit, or something else. We can also advise on loans toos.


    For more information and where you can find us visit our new website page www.connectingcanterbury.org 


    Film Club

    Every month on the first Sunday

    March 4th


    12.30pm to 3.30pm


    We invite families to join us for a free lunch, movie followed by arts and crafts, games and discussion. It's free and you and your family would be made very welcome!

    Soul Food

    Join us for Midday Prayer followed by a simple soup lunch

    Wednesdays at 12.30pm


    As part of our weekly rhythm of prayer we meet for a short service of prayer from the Northumbria Community and then share lunch. It's a great time to share, so if you are free, please join us.  


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  • Prayer through Lent

    Praying through Lent

    praying for the world, the church and our community

    After our 24 hours of prayers, which took in a night time pilgrimage around Canterbury Cathedral, and a prayer walk around the parish, and 24 calls to prayer we would like to continue the call to prayer all through Lent. We will keep our prayer journal going through Lent - so if you haven't got your copy yet, you can DOWNLOAD our prayer guide here and follow us on our Twitter account which will tweet out requests for prayer throughout the season, follows us @allsaintsmissio

  • Hall Hire

    You can hire our hall for events, birthdays, baptism parties, dances, clubs and most other things.


    If you would like to talk about perhaps hiring our hall for something you are planning, please contact the Vicar, Phil and he will be glad to help you. You can email him by clicking here. Please put 'Hall Booking' in your subject line.


    Children, Vulnerable Adults & all of God's people


    At All Saints our doors are open to everyone, and we try really hard to welcome all. As such it is important that we take care of everyone who joins us in worship, and in our activities, in that it is a safe space and place for all.


    The PCC's Safeguarding policy is something that we take seriously, and follow its procedures the best we can. We have appointed Lin Lindley as our Safeguarding Officer, and the PCC annually reviews and adopts the policy produced by the Diocese of Canterbury.


    We also follow the Safer Recruitment procedures when appointing new staff and volunteers and make sure that training happens, and the Diocese keep a list of who has completed it and when.


    You can read our Safeguarding policy here and also, did you know that every Diocese in England is having their Safeguarding policies and procedures independently audited? Canterbury Diocese has just received their independent report published and you can read that here.

  • Sermons

    Listen to a selection of sermons and talks from the All Saints team


    You're awesome. Let's talk.







    01227 450669



    If you need someone to talk to click here.



    To make a donation to our Mission work


    text: TYXX56 £3 to 70073

    You can visit our JG page here



    You can find All Saints just a stone's throw from the city of Canterbury. Nestled in between the sorting office of the Royal Mail and Canterbury City Council you will find us ready to welcome you at one of our services each Sunday morning and/or at one of our events. We look forward to welcoming you!

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