• Welcome to All Saints

    Canterbury, Kent.

    Loving God, loving our community, being disciples


    We're on a mission.


    We aim to be the focus for a Christian intergenerational family that worships God joyfully each day of our lives, while serving God in our community. As a church we work to remove any barriers that might stop people coming to church, we really do try and welcome everyone.


    As a community we love to pray together in faith and play together in fellowship. We care about family life and people in need. We share our resources of time, ability and wealth and share our hope in Jesus, growing in discipleship, responsibility and love of God who has been revealed to us by His Son, Jesus.


    9.30am: Holy Communion (also on Facebook)

    11am: Family Worship


    The 'Senior' Staff Team

    Rev. Phil Greig

    Priest in Charge

    Phil joined us in November 2014 with his family, Lucy his wife and their four year old daughter Iona. After five years Phil has been made Priest in Charge which means a change of title, but the work remains the same. He is here to help us become a church congregation whose purpose is to worship God, be out in the community on mission and be the best disciples of Jesus we can be.


    email: revphilgreig@me.com

    Rev. Lucy Fyfe-Jamieson


    Lucy joined us at All Saints as our Curate in July 2020 and she will be with us for three years. We are so glad she is with us and a part of the team!




    Gavin Netherton


    Gavin was licensed as Reader to All Saints in September 2015 at Canterbury Cathedral. He helps out with the ministry of preaching, leading, praying and sits on our PCC as our Health & Safety Officer and Vulernable Adults Safeguarding Officer.

    Bee Levings


    Bee is our churchwarden. She joined the warden team in May 2015 and in that time has had many an adventure with the Cathedral archives, building contractors and architects. Bee and Will are a new team of church wardens together looking after the building but more importantly, the people within it.

    Will Gravenor


    Will is our newest church warden, and the first time in such a role. He will be supporting Bee in her senior warden role over the coming year.

    Carole Jeff


    Carole is our wonderful treasurer. She looks after all things financial and keeps the PCC up to date with what we need to know. We'd be lost without her!

  • The PCC

    We've got a top notch team!

    Holly Adams

    PCC Secretary

    Deanery Synod

    Jack Fellows

    Deanery Synod

    Louise Spratt

    Jemma Johnson

    Katie Gravenor

    Safeguarding Children's Officer

    David Bedford

    Emma Twyman

    Judith Thomson

    Helen Netherton

    Housegroup Co-ordinator

    email to join or enquire

    Jody Moseling

    John Jarvis

  • EcoChurch

    ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.’ Psalm 24:1-2

    As a church, we recognise the catastrophic effects of climate change on the planet, wildlife and on our fellow human beings around the world. We recognise that we need to take responsibility for our part in this.


    These are some of the steps All Saints are taking towards caring for all of God’s creation:

    • We hold a monthly Eco prayer and discussion meeting
    • We are working towards transforming our green space into a more wildlife friendly area
    • We are working with others across the Deanery, and in the community who care for creation
    • We have joined the Ecochurch project and in working towards gaining a bronze award, we aim to be more energy efficient and sustainable.
    • We embrace through teaching, discussion and prayer, the 5th mark of mission: to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

    The Church of England are keeping us up to date with all information regarding COVID19. We will follow all advice given to us, and you can see this advice in full here. All Saints PCC have agreed to REOPEN the church for Sunday Services from Sunday 26th July.

    We have completed our Risk Assessment, which you can read here (updated 6th August 2020). Things will be different for a while, as you might expect. The first change is that the 9.30am service will now be at 9am. We can't offer hymn books (no singing!) and service books will be placed at least two days before the service and you will be asked to keep it, take it home and bring it back each week. Following guidance from the Church of England, we will be offering communion in one kind only, and I will administer the bread at your seat wearing a mask. We will also be worshipping in the main church rather than the chapel as this will give us lots more space. Changing the time of the service allows us extra time to prepare for the next service which will remain at 11am.

    Our 11am service will remain largely unchanged in style and format, we won't be allowed to sing for a while but that doesn't mean we won't be doing any action songs :0).

    What is important to communicate is that once the service is finished everyone will need to vacate the building straight away (sorry!!) so we can clean it. With the new rules which came in on Monday 14th September we can no longer mingle outside.

    On face masks, it is mandatory that you wear a face covering unless you have an exemption. You can purchase a face mask here.


    For the latest updates on COVID19 please keep up to date with the news, and the government website here. If you need any help from within the parish, please contact Rev. Phil Greig here.

  • HRH Prince Philip

    A prayer for Prince Philip

    You can leave a message of condolence here 

  • All Saints Shop

    We have an Etsy store where we are raising funds for our church roof. More products will be placed in the store over the coming months and showcased here.
  • Fundraising

    for our community, our building and the wider world

    Why are we fundraising?

    Donate a financial gift here

    We are situated in the old Garrison Church of St. Alban that served the local barracks from the middle of the 19th Century until 1970. After the Diocese bought the church and remodelled it, it was reconsecrated as All Saints church on All Saints Day in 1976. Over 40 years on the building now requires major repair and updating.


    What repairs need to take place?

    We are on a five year mission over two stages:


    Stage One: to replace the roof and repair the exterior walls of the church

    Stage Two: to update the internal spaces of the building


    Our phase one goal is to reach £100,000.


    Why is All Saints important for the community?

    The building provides a worship space for a regular and committed church congregation. It is also a vital community space for multiple charities including Canterbury Food Bank, Rainbows and Brownies, the Canterbury Operatics, Mustard Seed Singers, Porchlight Social Club and the Catching Lives Night Shelter. There are many more local groups and small businesses which are listed here.

    Supporting Others

    JENGA : Community Development Outreach

    We are fortunate that we have our building and can offer its space for our community. We want to support people who are also working with a community to build resilience and show God’s love in everyday life. Jenga is one such organisation who is building a community building for a local community in Uganda. As All Saints in Canterbury we pray as a church for Jenga and we have committed to a promise of offering 10% of all the fundraising to them. We take great delight in not looking just to our own interests, but to the interests of others locally and internationally.


    It is very important for us to reach out to the local community with the message that Jesus brings, that he loves everyone, there is forgiveness and there is hope. We don't just reach out from a distance but live, work, socialise and be in the community around us. Our church isn't just on Military Road but wherever we are making a difference for God. Here are just a few of the projects we are involved in at the moment.

    Community Larder

    A stop gap, non-referral foodbank

    every Friday at 10am to 12noon


    If you are in need for food on a very short term basis while you wait for a payment, or a Foodbank delivery you are welcome to come along and see if we can help you.


    If you need a full three day foodbank parcel from Canterbury Foodbank, click here and complete the form.

    Create Mental Health Art Group

    A group for anyone with mental health issues who wish to express themselves creatively.

    every Friday from 1.30pm


    We started this group earlier for people who suffer poor mental health. It is fun volunteers who have had this experience in one way or another in the past and they would love To welcome you to their group every Friday. A very warm and safe welcome are waiting for you. There is no need to be creative but a willingness to be. The group is free and donations for hot drinks are welcome but not compulsory.

    Morning prayer

    Every Tuesday

    Tuesday: 8.15am in The Vicarage


    if you can't make it at these times but would like to participate where you are, please email Phil G for a copy of the liturgy. We use a Celtic form of prayer for these services.

    Soul Food

    Join us for Midday Prayer followed by a simple soup lunch

    Wednesdays at 12.30pm


    As part of our weekly rhythm of prayer we meet for a short service of prayer from the Northumbria Community and then share lunch. It's a great time to share, so if you are free, please join us.  


    Ale Saints

    Every first Friday each month

    1st Friday of each month


    From 7.30pm


    Join us for a drink at the Thomas Tallis on Northgate. It's an informal gathering for a drink and a chat. We will meet on the first Friday evening of each month.

    Bible study and prayer

    Groups meet for Bible Study fortnightly

    Please contact the vicar for further details

    Monday evenings on a fortnightly basis

    Andrew's Housegroup



    Tuesday mornings on a fortnightly basis

    All Saints Church



    *please contact us for specific dates, or collect a noticesheet from the church


    Wednesday evening on a fortnightly basis

    Sainsbury's Starbucks


    Street Klub

    Alternate Sundays - 2pm

    We call it 'pop-up Sunday School'


    Vauxhall Avenue


    Every other week on a Sunday we take our gazebo, lots of activities and meet children, young people and their families for an hour of fun every other Sunday afternoon. It really is great fun and something All Saints have been involved in for a number of years.


    Connecting Canterbury

    Community Hub and Credit Union

    Across the city, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning there are volunteers waiting to help anyone who is in any kind of need, from financial difficulty, crisis, or if you just want a listening ear, we are sure we can help.


    We are also branches of Kent Savers where you can open a savings account, perhaps for Christmas, or a house deposit, or something else. We can also advise on loans toos.


    For more information and where you can find us visit our new website page www.connectingcanterbury.org 


    Lego Youth Group

    Youth Work Based on Lego and the Bible...anything is possible!

    Alternate Sunday evenings: 6pm to 7.30pm


    We started a new youth group for Years 5 to 8 in June 2018. Lots of Lego games, Lego fun, Lego discipleship...walking in the ways of Jesus...using the Bible and Lego. We have a dedicated Lego room in the church which we are 'building up' over time. Email the Vicar for more details.

  • Baptisms

    If you would like to have your child baptised, or even yourself then we can hopefully help you with that. Baptism is a wonderful step of faith in which you become a member of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ. If it is your child in which you are looking at a baptism for, then please keep reading...


    To qualify for a baptism at All Saints you ideally need to live in the parish of All Saints. If you don't, you can talk to your local vicar who will be happy to help you. You can find your local church here.


    To answer any questions about what baptism is, you can visit the Church of England webpage.


    At All Saints we conduct baptisms once a month during our 11am service. There is an application form you need to complete which you can download here. Please discuss the date with the Vicar before you send in your form as that date may already be taken by someone else. Alternatively, come and visit us one Sunday to see what we are all about. We look forward to meeting you.


  • The Community Church Hall

    All community groups are suspended until further notice.


    Porchlight Social Club

    Every Monday from 11am to 3pm Porchlight offer a drop in for local Porchlight users. There are courses on lifeskills, a fresh lunch and friendly staff on hand to chat. (on a break)


    Rainbows and Brownies

    Rainbows meet every week in term time for girls aged 4 to 7. £2.50 per session.

    Brownies meet every week in term time for girls aged 7+. For more information please visit the girlguiding website and look up All Saints Canterbury


    Goshin Jitsu

    8pm - 10pm (back meeting again)


    Canterbury Foodbank & Connecting Canterbury

    Canterbury Foodbank no longer operate in Canterbury churches. For details on how to get a foodbank parcel please search 'Canterbury Foodbank'.


    Portuguese Church

    Every Tuesday from 8pm


    Slimming World

    For more information about Slimming World, please visit the Slimming World website 

    Times of meeting: 09:30am 11:30am 5.30pm

    Call Chris for more information: 07936975610


    Baby Sing and Sign

    10am to 12noon


    Mustard Seed Singers

    A choir for all abilities!



    Tai Kwondo

    6.15pm to 7.15pm


    Goshin Jitsu

    8pm - 10pm


    Cre-ate Mental Health Art Group

    This meets every Friday from 1.30pm.


    Canterbury Film Club

    Every 2nd Friday in the month.

    10am to 12noon. (restarting 2021)


    Canterbury Operatic Society

    During the winter months rehearsals take place for their big Marlowe production in the Spring.


    Indian Orthodox Church

    The church meets every first and third Saturday in the month



    A small, quiet service of Holy Communion



    Our family worship service, very relaxed and informal. We have activities for children, although we love it when we worship all together!


    Youth Club

    We have launched a brand new youth club for children and young people aged 9 to 18. FREE entry. 6pm to 7.30pm on a fortnightly basis:

    Sunday 13th September 2020 and every two weeks following...

  • Safeguarding


    Children, Vulnerable Adults & all of God's people


    At All Saints our doors are open to everyone, and we try really hard to welcome all. As such it is important that we take care of everyone who joins us in worship, and in our activities, in that it is a safe space and place for all.


    The PCC's Safeguarding policy is something that we take seriously, and follow its procedures the best we can. We have appointed Katie Gravenor as our Children's Safeguarding Officer -email, and Gavin Netherton as our Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Officer - email. The PCC annually reviews and adopts the policy produced by the Diocese of Canterbury.


    We also follow the Safer Recruitment procedures when appointing new staff and volunteers and make sure that training happens, and the Diocese keep a list of who has completed it and when, especially so for clergy.


    You can read our Safeguarding policy here and also, did you know that every Diocese in England is having their Safeguarding policies and procedures independently audited? Canterbury Diocese had their independent report published and you can read that here.


    Please see the Social Media section of our site for information on how to contact Childline.


    All information regarding IICSA can be found here.

    Data Protection

    As with every other organisation in the land we have been getting ready for the new rules coming into force on the 25th May relating to how we hold people's data. We have conducted our audits, secured the information and sought consent to contact people.


    There are two Data Review Policies for you to read; one for office holders, and one for volunteers. Click on the links to download.


    If you would like to give us your consent to contact you about the different things that we do for children, young people, families etc, then please do download our consent form and email to the church.


    We will be uploading our Data Protection policy in due course.

  • Hall Hire

    You can hire our hall for events, birthdays, baptism parties, dances, clubs and most other things.


    If you would like to talk about perhaps hiring our hall for something you are planning, please contact our hall bookings secretary, Jemma and she will be glad to help you. You can email her by using the form below.

  • Our Church School

    St. John's Church of England Primary School

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

    St. John's is All Saints' church school and the link between the school and the church is a partnership in community life and ministry. Our vicar is a foundation governor, a chaplain, leads collective worship, and supports the school in lots of other ways too.


    At the last OFSTED inspection we were delighted to receive a GOOD (Nov 2018) with OUTSTANDING Early Years. You can read the report here.


    We also had a SIAMS inspection which is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools, and you can read the report here.


    St. John's is a bright, fun, loving, caring school with the children at the absolute heart of everything the school. The children embody these qualities beautifully, and it is a joy to be a part of the community.


    You can visit their website here.

  • Giving to All Saints

    Giving to the church regularly

    Use our Bank Details to give a one off
    or regular donation:


    Bank: Lloyds

    SC: 30 91 60
    AC: 00475445

    You can now make a donation to our church through Give A Little by following this link


    You can download a Gift Aid form here and then email to Carole our treasurer here.

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    If you need someone to talk to click here.

    Safety Detectives

    Safety Online Advice for parents

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    You can find All Saints just a stone's throw from the city of Canterbury. Nestled in between the sorting office of the Royal Mail and Canterbury City Council you will find us ready to welcome you at one of our services each Sunday morning and/or at one of our events. We look forward to welcoming you!